After care precautions for spider bites Piercing

If you decide on spider bites, the professional may apply one or more of the following instruments circular barbells, BCRS and labret studs among other things.

One of the piercings could be done separately and allowed to heal before the other is done. Or, both piercings could be done at the same time. If you use the services of a professional to do the job, you are less likely to suffer the side effects of associated with inexperience.

After undergoing Spider Bites Piercing, there are some precautions you really need to take so as to allow for safe and fast healing. For instance, the piercer may advice you on the following:

  • You need to wear a soft labret stud made of bioplast
  • You need to clean the outside of the wound with a saline solution everyday.
  • You should rinse your mouth after meal with a suitable mouthwash
  • You would need to avoid some lifestyles pending when the piercing get healed. Hence, habits like smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided during this period to promote healing.
  • You need patient after spider bites piercing because the healing time could be between 4 and 12 weeks depending on how fast your body’s healing process takes.